You bet your Bippy you will turn his head with Lingerie from Bippy.Com

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A brief description of each type of Sexy Lingerie:


TeddiesBeautiful One piece Lingerie.  Come look at the French Maid outfit! 

Baby-DollA top piece with a panty or  thong.   Very Elegant!

Camisole (Cami) A sleeveless top - now usually worn under a sheer blouse.

Bra / Thong / Garter SetsSelf Explanatory.  These sets are some of the lowest priced on the site, and are very exciting!

BustierA formfitting sleeveless and usually strapless woman's top, worn as romantic lingerie and often as evening attire.  Some of the most elegant items we have are on this page.

PeignoirA loose fitting lingerie.

Sleep Shirt These sleep shirts are beautiful and sexy.  Revealing and provactive.

ChemiseA loose, shirt like undergarment usually sleeveless.  Very comfortable - can make great pajamas.

Gowns & RobesLonger - Floor length outfits - very elegant - very beautiful.

Coochy Crème

Incredible RASH FREE Shave Crème -  A Must Try!  There are also other shavers and shave creme's now.